The media's selective memory dishonors massacre victims

In the body of the editorial under the headline the Herald correctly pointed out that the recent tragedy in Arizona “has one culprit: the accused shooter, Jared Lee Loughner.”

Unfortunately, the Herald then furthers the factless assertion that the shooting is somehow connected to the ongoing political debate between the Left and the Right in this country by stating that the debate “will keep Americans forever embroiled in a war of words that can lead some deranged souls into putting those words into the most indescribable evil.”


Florida's economic future is bright

People around the world understand that Florida offers an unmatched combination of "pro-business" policies as well as an incredible quality of life. But the international interest in Florida is not limited to doing business in the Sunshine State. With the expansion of the Panama Canal — and the proximity to the canal from a number of Florida ports — our state is seen as the gateway to emerging markets in Central and South America. Today, one in six jobs in Florida is supported by international business — and that number is expected to increase significantly.


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